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dutch surnames and meanings

So modern borders don’t really tell you nearly enough. The only other family is that of Francis Staines, which has one son Francis in b1790 a silk dyer not a weaver and no other siblings. At the same time I had my motherline and fatherline DNA tested, my fatherline was distinctly Scandanavian. What is disconcerting is the number of missing records and parish records for example you have been able to locate which don’t appear to have been digitised. Two thirds of the people living in the area were weavers. The furthest back I can find is a relative born in 1702 in Vaasen (Epe, Gelderland). Even brief, informal answers would really help me. What period would that have been? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. It is world that is in some ways still as regressive as the days of Little Dorrit and just as fearful of those it chose to rule over and yet on the other hand and in some ways quite progressive. Correction: For Edward-Esther the group of children is Esther 1811, Edward John 1814, John 1816, Edward 1818, Thomas 1820, Peter 1831. It implies the first born named Alice and John in this second group did not survive childhood but the parents (John jnr who it appears married another Alice) had a strong preference to have a surviving child each named after them. Thus none of the above is exceptional or out of the ordinary. Born in 1610 and died in 1688. At some point during the turmoil in the Spanish Netherlands in the 16th century they left and went first to somewhere like Liege which is also known for cloth and baize making. 4: I have seen this effect in my own research, where Dutch emigrants in the 1800s who settled in English speaking area changed their names much more than people who settled in Dutch speaking areas. And that is because all the documentation about the date of birth that is available is problematic. So “De Lange” (“The Tall [one]. Foppe became Frank, Aukje became Agnes and Trijntje became Trina (pronounced Tryna. Southwark Weavers 1571 It was suffering from overcrowding and a second church (chapel) in Ouda, St Catharina Gasthuis was used for Calvinists. I don’t know what to say. The only reliable information is a general footprint and a presence probably not visible beyond the last 500 years according to my own estimation. Furthermore there is no birth record that I can find that matches this date of birth. And indeed, mostly catholic there. Prefixes often get stuck to the name: ten Pas becomes Tenpas, de Jong becomes Dejong. For this reason, a single family name can often be found in many different spellings in different documents. Hi Susan, Do you have contemporary sources to confirm that or is it a family story? I note that Edward Staines’s family and Cousin George (son Benjamin) ended up having to move north to Hackney and resided at the rear of Silk Mill Row. I am at a loss for finding out where to proceed. – With a small d when after the first name (Lesley de Groodt). The St Leonards census appears under the name Stanes in 1841(as recorded by the census enumerator in his writing) but is the same family using Staines (by another census enumerator) in 1851. I would advise you to collect as much information about your brick wall and his family, associates and neighbors and work back from there. Schout fiscaal would mean tax collector. My grandmothers great grandfather was John Shuart (born abt Sep 1860-1861 Holland), parents listed on his death certificate as Andrew Shuart and Anna Van der bleck- both listed as born in Holland. It has been suggested based on a constructed family tree by Adam Staines that John baptised in May 1781 in Bethnal Green to John William Stienes and Fanny from LMA records is one of the same that died in Edward Street in 1844. Dutch surnames from Germanic languages‎ (3 c, 0 e) Dutch surnames from given names‎ (0 c, 1 e) I Dutch surnames from Indo-European languages‎ (2 c, 0 e) Dutch surnames from Italian‎ (0 c, 1 e) Dutch surnames from Italic languages‎ (1 c, 0 e) J ja:Dutch surnames‎ (0 c, 1 e) O Dutch surnames from occupations‎ (0 c, 1 e) R Dutch surnames from Romance languages‎ (3 c, 0 e) S Dutch Thank you so much for replying to my post. But elsewhere the baptismal records in 1650 and 1654 for their children have the surname recorded and actually written as Baissier and de Baisse within a few years of one another. A very common Dutch surname meaning ‘son of Philip.’ The name Philip comes from the Greek word ‘Philippos’ meaning ‘friends of horses.’ 89. In his place is a weaveress living with the family of the second marriage in 1841 in Edward St. Not all death records had a year of birth attached but apparently this one dated 3rd March 1844 (also in Edward St) did and is stated as 1781. There is another Census record for a Charlotte Staines who was married in Kent and is living in Marybelone Middlesex, but is unrelated to this Charlotte Staines. Dutch Baby Boy Names with Meanings A person will always be first judged by his name, so a meaningful name will always give a favourable impression of strong and intelligent personality. Did the enumerator leave Esther and James (at the bottom of the page under James snr) blank leaving us to presume they were of the same as James? It is a common misconception that the Dutch … Van means From. This may all be a coincidence and it is Alice Vandebaize who is naming one her children with a middle name Weymouth. Were there Dutch records of those names? De means The. The name could have been Rademaker (meaning: wheelmaker). At this stage the scribe in charge of writing and his or her language abilities are not known. ? The first Houseworth or Housworth is Henry born abt 1740 where I don’t know, and died bet 1775 & 1783 if this is my family I have in New York where his son Michael was born. However this points to another James Staines with no trace to a family. And it is the same moral insanity that has given rise to both our ancestral stories in the Netherlands, across France and then into merry England. One is in the Clerkenwell-Islington area north of London the other in the Bethnal Green area east of London. Samuel and Etty Virgin are fancy trimming weavers. John (Snr) has a small needle’s eye loop for the letter “h” whereas John (jnr) has the loop closed. Getting back to tracking down John Staines the marriage records for St George the Martyr are contained in the birth and burial book which is held by the London Municipal Archives (LMA). my ancestor Thomas appears to be the only sibling to marry an English person, Dorcas Gildersleeve…the others seem to have married men/women of Dutch extraction..perhaps that led/contributed to his changing from Luyster to Lester…thanks again…Jerri. There was some strife over engine powered looms in Clerkenwell in 1760 and was possibility the catalyst for a move to Bethnal Green with their traditional skills. I also have a medium confidence footprint for half of France. That is she is claiming to be 23 to 27 years old and John 25 to 29 years old at the time of marriage. I haven’t found any connection of Leendert Philipse Conyn to my family. By 1830 industrial weaving activities resulted in severely depressed earnings for handloom weavers and led to a great deal of unhappiness, malnutrition and protestation. My paternal ancestor was Leendert Phillipse Konyn or Conyn. “Peake” is not a Dutch name I’m familiar with. The family may have moved to St Pancras to take up work. Muscatine, Iowa was just a ferry ride from Illinois. So that tends to favour John being more local to Bethnal Green. The same thing occurred in most major cities. Do you know their religion? Charles , who was born in 1731,was the youngest child of Philip and Mary, who married circa 1703, because their first child Elizabeth was born in 1704. Because my footprint back into the Spanish Netherlands is likely to be much earlier one therefore might expect it to be weaker or further below the 0.1 % reporting threshold. The second marriage was on 27th Dec 1819. One simply does not know what the truth of the matter is. It means ‘son of Prince’ referring to an actual prince or someone who acted in a regal way. She waited until after he 19th Birthday but he could not? On the marriage entry for Alice and John Staines, Charles Vandebaize is a witness and signed. It suggests John Staines the weaver and Alice Westfield are the parents of what I think is a second group, first born in 1801-1815. The 1841 census gives the older brother James’s birth date as 1831. The noted Wiltshire clothiers, Paul Methuen of Corsham and Bradford on Avon (where a lot of my relatives lived) and James Brewer of Trowbridge sponsored 23 men ‘skilled in the art of making fine cloth’, with about 15 dependents as spinners, carders and weavers. Norway 47, France 40, Finland 26, Switzerland 17, Spain 13, Austria 13, Belgium 12 and further down the scale Portugal 1. And so having the same occupation or being married in the same church does not prove anything else either. These name matches can come from anywhere on a tree attached to someone who has some autosomal genes in common with me. I don’t know where he fits in either…. Yes, the oo is pronounced as in boat. Middlesex/London. I’m residing now in Nc, USA. Select filters then press SEARCH below -Usage or language. You do not even need to shorten it for a nickname. It shows that I have western European as well as multi-continental footprints including North and South East Africa and two in West Asia. Samuel is Charles’s brother and he was a gun maker. An open -e- becomes -a-: Resink to Rasink, Menink to Manink. However outside the English speaking world and given that one is looking at the topmost visible layer today the rankings are Netherlands 99, Germany 89, Sweden 85, Denmark 58. This post has ended up at the bottom of this webpage. The Jewish family Konijn came originally from Poland and probably changed their name from the city Konin in Poland to the more Dutch sounding Konijn. Also beyond a 2nd Cousin match there is a chance, 10%, 20%, 40% etc that the estimation isn’t actually a match. Take care and have a great day. I think the spelling got changed when people wrote what they heard. Van Doozer is another situation. Hi Autumn: The -sz endings indicate patronymics: Jansz = son of Jan, etc. Mary Ann was, most likely, illegitimate. But on the other hand his choice of a place of marriage is not in keeping with the rest of the Vandebaize Staines family. Hello Pieter, Clearly John b1780-81 lived to 63 years. None for Blacklock 5G but a couple for Blackstock and some for Morgan 6G, which is her mother. In Sweden also so called humanist names are used. South Lembritcht is not a place name in the Netherlands. So either the St Pancras family in the 1841 are my ancestors and son George has engaged in some slight poetic listening when he got married in 1857 and afterwards or they are not my ancestors. There are some 16 birth events between 1775 and 1815, one involving twins and three Alice births 1794,1801& 1813. There is also a place named Staines along the Thames River. Alice for example is recorded under the name Vandebaizd. You can find a lot of ornamental name elements and their meanings here. That is they are near neighbours and most likely points to how John Butterworth first met his future wife. However when looking for Mary Ann, born in 1850/51 there was no trace, maybe Esther did not register her birth. This record does not line up with a James Staines b1804 in St Leonards Shoredicth to John Staines and Alice Westfield, grandson of John Staines and Alice Vandebaize. But it could include Dutch, Spanish Netherlands or French intermarriage. From my standpoint the scales have tipped over in favour of a Vandebaize ancestry with a moderate level of confidence. In this article, we’ll explore the common origins and meanings of Dutch surnames and the historical and cultural context in which they developed. It certainly is a guesstimate thwart with problems. Digital imaging may not capture all of the writing detail and the above relied on zooming in to see the finer detail. This test shows no high confidence footprint in the Netherlands and that would be consistent with an ancestor who was old French speaking and who had migrated or sought refuge from somewhere else. the pronunciation of Stuyvesant in New York with a ‘long i’ doesn’t surprise me, but, hypothetically, a street in Denver so pronounced would. Only after the most trying examination could I conclude it was a likely match for Esther. If say a Dutch born or speaking respondent in London was relying on oral communication at the time of registry then the registrar or Minister would be left open to his her own interpretation and this may account for some of the variations. Isaak: Isaak is the Dutch variation of the popular Isaac. My last name is Lesterhouse which i was told it meant cuckoo bird nest or bird nest but i really don’t know anymore.It would be great to have someones help. It suggests that Hetty’s parents are John and Hannah Pond in Iver, Buckinghamshire and are doing what most grandparents do, helping out. He died early and it looks like his eldest son James died early to. The sloop was sent to Halifax in Nova Scotia Canada during the 7 years with France. London, England: London Metropolitan Archives, and (ii) England, Select Births and Christenings, 1538-1975. He was a basket maker but there are family stoties that he was a shipwrecked sailor. Jerri. I have seen De Groodt AND De Groot in Belgium, Requires a Legacy FamilyTreeWebinar subscription to watch. de Burse who christens his son as Vandeburse in 1599 in England. This did happen with the firstborn children Alice and John born unto John Staines and Alice Westfield. My mother-in-law’s father was born Orin Veneklasen. I know that the banishing of Huguenots is a deep subject and caused a migration crisis in it’s time. Essential the diversity of the group is being weeded out and those persons with that diversity discarded. If your chromosomes and others match these control groups then you get a footprint associated with a geographical area. A further witness is recorded as Nassar Baissier. George did not get married in the UK, as a mariner he sailed to the other side of the world. His family came over from Goedereede, Zuid-Holland. No record is guaranteed to be accurate and there are many examples where errors have occurred. Well it isn’t Richard III so no one is going to be doing this on my account. The Rademaker emigrants I’ve researched came from Gelderland and emigrated after 1845. Demand for their skills was very high in places like London. On reading various articles it seems that various genes from various populations can be passed on (I think). It would appear they had already entered into a Common Law marriage according to their actions and wishes before having a formal Church marriage on Christmas Day 1841. I also read somewhere that they were also Huggeunots. But this does not prove who he is either because there are many John Staines in England coming and going. I have several books on early New Netherlands/New York..and I checked the indexes… Correction: At the first marriage John would be 19 years 5-6 months old. That’s a Flemish name. He is listed at a girl on the transcribed passenger list and came to NY on the wooden Barque North Sea in 1857. Choosing one of the popular meaningful Dutch boy names for the baby boy will ensure respect and friendliness by his friends and society. One married a Cook, also spelled Kook and she is a known speaker of Dutch or German. All lower case letters are neatly written and follow the same hand movements. For Edward-Esther the group of children is Esther 1811, Edward John 1814, John 1816, Edward 1818, John 1816, Peter 1831. Bird is the English word for “vogel.” It also sounds like the uncommon Dutch name “Baard.” Since people were so creative with finding new variations of their names, it is hard to rule any ethnicity in or out based on an English-sounding name alone. Yes, the Huguenots came to the Netherlands too, mostly to the province of Zeeland but several families settled in Leiden and Amsterdam too. My last name has an UY-sound too. A ‘lijst’ is a frame, a ‘lijster’ is a bird (thrush). Searching by the witness name Jeanne Segon alone has revealed a Moïse de Baisse in 1650 and Jenne de Baigie in 1651. My family Hoppe (Hopper now) came over from Reusel-de Mierder, Nordyk-Brabant, Netherlands before Sept 1651 and settled in I had overlooked this aspect after reading St George did not record signatures but fortunately this is in another book. Initial: Pattern : the letters in the pattern are compared to the letters in the name * is a wildcard that matches zero or more letters. Looking for Dutch names? It is evident from the 1841 Census that someone understated John’s age, by at least 6 years or more. Only one sibling is attributed with Iberian ethnicity, less than 1%. I am still learning more about this side of research as I know very little at the moment. Parts of the name that are a noun are translated: -huis becomes -house, -kamp becomes -camp.

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